A Moment In Time


I’m gonna give you a little glimpse into a world you didn’t know about as you hadn’t met me yet.  It was mid December 2012, Saturday afternoon, the house was spotless. I decided to lay in bed, just to rest.  I quickly fell asleep, but not for long.  When I woke up I realized how quiet it was.  How absolutely and incredibly quiet my life had become. Again.

It  hit me like a ton a bricks.  Total Peace. Total Quiet.  No listening, reacting or investing in others God forsaken never ending problems.  That ability had been completely emptied.

There was work to do. A resumption of a normal life not  engulfed in someone’s else’s lifelong problems.

I will never forget that moment the rest of my life.   True, unadulterated peace.  It had been a while. Years.

P.S.  All good GG… :-)



It’s Oktoberfest Time!

GG: Thanks. Truly. Appreciate the kind words.

Take a look at the online commercial… no postings about ‘deceitful debit cards’ looking for unwilling ATM machines to suck money out of today.

GG, like your kids and mine I am relieved that our children can witness their moms getting out of bed each weekday to take care of themselves… as opposed to hopping into someone’s bed  to achieve the same goal.

Kids are watching every battle waged… and they realize there is only one constant in every single one of those battles. :-(

I better put a definition down for office: a building or room in which people work at desks doing business or professional activities.

Frankie Says Relax.