The Future of Money

A Fascinating Piece on 60 Minutes. As a Rotarian and person on this planet, I felt inspired one wish that the spread of this benefits many more people.

November 18th

           Heart and Soul by Hoagy Carmichael

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Perjury and the Patrick Kane case

Go to about minute 1:00 and listen for about 45 seconds.  So what this complainant’s mom did wasn’t a crime.  But if she made these assertions under oath, it is perjury.  If she submitted this false evidence to authorities or under oath, it is a crime.

Well it’ s a good thing the complainants mother didn’t do that, or she would eventually be charged by the DA’s office (Crown Attorney’s in Canada) for misleading, false evidence. A good attorney like Patrick Kane’s would have eventually brought that up… at the right time.

I’ve known that fact about false evidence for a little over two years now. Sharp minds.

You know, this woman should have realized this eventually would have blown up in her face.

And Patrick Kane hasn’t even begun to fight back with all the ferocious force he can. And will.

This Mom may need two or three more boyfriends to help cover the legal bills that will come in the counter suits from Kane.

Lesson (and it will be  painful one): Don’t try to willfully and criminally fuck a dude over. It’s going to blow up in your God Damned face. 100%. Don’t bite off more that you can chew.


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